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Embed your campaign advertisement to content shared on social media.

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Our software embeds a brief campaign advertisement that is shown before the content you share on social media.

Click our Salesforce example to see how they promote their conference, DreamForce'15, when sharing 3rd party content (i.e. NYT article) on SalesForce's social media accounts.

Company & Agency Value

  • Collect more emails
  • Kickstarter & IndieGoGo campaign views
  • Generate E-book downloads
  • More campaign video views
  • Augment retargeting data
  • Leverage influencers more effectively
  • Increase ROI of social sharing
  • Funnel more leads
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Request Access
Sorry, we are no longer accepting new customers
Since day one we designed this software with your audience in mind. Similar to Youtube ads, we believe that if we focus on allowing you to serve high quality advertisements to your audience then everyone wins!
Relevant and quality content is more likely to be re-shared by your audience. Whenever anyone re-shares or re-tweets content embedded with LinkPlug your campaign engagement will also be re-shared.
Audiences should be focused on your campaign and the value you’re providing them, no distractions. We offer many branding features such as custom domains, custom short links and more.
Anything you share on social media can use LinkPlug technology. Whether you share your own articles or 3rd party articles (e.g CNN, ESPN, Bloomberg, Techcrunch) Linkplug will work universally.